Stop Your Lower Back Pain Once and for All

Lower back pain can lead to you being unable to participate in life as you once were. Unfortunately, your back is involved in almost every movement you make. When your lower back is hurting, it can cause you to experience mobility issues. Though there are many different causes to back pain, one of the most common is subluxations. Subluxations can occur because of poor posture or from accidents and falls. Since these can cause serious damage, it is important they are dealt with immediately.Through a chiropractor, the subluxations can be corrected, so the pain is stopped.

Subluxations cause the vertebrae to move out of their natural position. When the bones are out of position, they place pressure on the surrounding tissue. When the bones compress the nerves in your back, this can cause pain and numbness and tingling in the extremities. If the subluxations are not corrected, they can lead to permanent nerve damage. Fortunately, applied kinesiology care can put the bones back into place, so your soft tissues can heal and your pain can be stopped.

The doctor will first work to prepare the muscles in your lower back. The muscles need to be as relaxed as possible, so the treatment will be beneficial. This is accomplished through the use of massage and heat therapy. Once you are completely relaxed, the chiropractic manipulation can begin.


Chiropractic manipulations may be done through the use of special tables or through the hands. The goal is to quickly move the bones back into proper alignment, so they are no longer pressing on nerves and soft tissues. This is done through swift, yet precise movements. The doctor will put you in different positions and may use a table, to further enhance the treatment, so your spine is realigned.

Many people find these treatments relieve some of their pain right away. Unfortunately, your vertebrae may be prone to going out of alignment again. This is why you may need ongoing treatments, until the soft tissues and supporting structures heal.

As time goes on, the supporting structures in your back, like the ligaments and tendons will strengthen. This will dramatically improve the way your back is able to function and it will help to prevent subluxations from occurring again.

If you are experiencing lower back pain and cannot find relief, consider Chiropractie Westland. Through chiropractic treatment, you can not only overcome your pain, but you can also regain your mobility.